Change Log

antd strictly follows Semantic Versioning 2.0.0.

Release Schedule#

  • Weekly release: patch version at the end of every week for routine bugfix (anytime for urgent bugfix).

  • Monthly release: minor version at the end of every month for new features.

  • Major version release is not included in this schedule for breadking change and new features.

If you want to read change logs before 2.0.0, please visit GitHub.

  • 2.7.2#


    • Fix that antd.version doesn't work as expected. #4844

    • Fix that dist files don't include locales. #4910

    • Fix that disabled option is selectable in search mode of Cascader. #4699

    • Button

      • Fix click animation of Button[type=danger].

      • Fix broken style with loading. #4875

    • Menu

      • Fix that openKeys should be controlled property in vertical mode. #4876

      • Fix selected animation of Menu.Item.

      • Fix broken style of Menu.SubMenu. #4906

    • Table

      • Fix broken style of table which use small size and fixed header. #4850

      • Fix placeholder style. #4851

      • Simplify DOM structure. #4868

    • Fix that Radio should support number 0 as children. #4874 @HQidea

    • Fix that RangePicker should work with style.width which is small than 300. #4920

    • Fix CSS compile error caused by Spin. #4915

    • Fix that Tooltip should work with disabled button in Chrome. #4865

    • Fix UX of Tree while dragging. #4858

    • Fix failed style of Upload. #4810

    • Fix that Menu[vertical]'s SubMenu cannot popup in Layout.Sider. #4890

    • Improve animation of Button and Badge[status=processing].

    Badge animation Button animation

  • 2.7.1#


    • Affix

      • Fix the problem of element been hidden when hover on. #4800

      • Fix event listener can not be removed. #4755

      • Fix can not be unfixed when scrolling fastly. #4760

    • Anchor Fix the location problem when offsetTop has been set. #4706

    • AutoComplete

      • Fix the wrong size. #4766

      • Fix adding error character automatically. #4778

    • Dropdown Add the documentation and demo about positioning of Dropdown menus. #4811

    • Layout Improve Sider's animation effect. #4752

    • LocaleProvider Fix issues with the new Swedish locale provider. pull-4762 @JesperWe

    • RangePicker Fix the overlapping problem about the date icon. #4783 @zhenzong

    • Table

      • Add the missing value 'middle' for size definition. #4819 @warrenseymour

      • Fix controlled filter does not work with JSX style. #4759

      • Fix switch pagination problem. #4779

    • Tabs Fix content missing problem since the second tab pane under IE9. #4795

    • rc-pagination Upgrade to ~1.7.0, add pageSize as onChange's second argument.

    • Global optimization

      • Make some bugfixes and optimizations about documentation、link and style.

      • Use stylelint instead of lesslint, and fix some lint issues. #2179

      • Unify border radius to 4px. #4772

      • Support import { version } from 'antd'. #4751

    • Site

      • Add default locale looking-up in Home Page. #4552

      • Can search with Google. #4814

      • Change the position of version switch. pull-4799

  • 2.7.0#


    • Added danger button and ghost button style. #4679

    • Input element of AutoComplete can be customized. #4483

    • Upgrade rc-cascader to 0.11.0, keyborad interactions supported. #4411

    • More popup directions are supported in notification. #4732

    • Upgrade rc-steps to 2.3.0, added progressDot property of Steps, which allows users to customize the display for Steps with progress dot style.

    • Upgrade rc-input-number to 3.0.0

      • Input behavious will trigger onChange callback now.#4265

      • Fixed onKeyUp. #4717

    • Added vertical mode of Slider. #4473

    • Tag

      • Added preset colors. #4571

      • Improvement vertical-align and margin.

    • Add German localization for LocaleProvider.#4686

    • Add Swedish localization for LocaleProvider. #4455

    • Add French localization for LocaleProvider. #4538

    • Added onSearchChange callback of Transfer. #4464

    • Added maskClosable property of Modal.confirm. #4488, #4488

    • Added hideRequiredMark property if Form. #4732

    • Improvement upload list of Upload. #4516

    • Upgrade rc-select to 6.7.1.

    • Upgrade rc-tree-select to 1.9.0.

    • Added less variables: @border-style-base @border-width-base @btn-danger-color @btn-danger-bg and etc.

    • Fixed Badge misplace issue when browser zoom above 100%. #4747 #4290

    • Fixed a mis-align issue of fixed header Table. #4750

    • Fixed Table scrolling lag issue in IE. #4522

    • Add icon aliases: addfile => file-addaddfolder => folder-open, and the old type names are still working. #4758

  • 2.6.4#


    • Improve RangePicker when selecting a preset date.#4561

    • Fix DatePicker select time scroll issue.#4412

    • Fix issue resulting in vertical Menu can't be controlled.#3783

    • Fix Cascader's style when it's disabled.#4648

    • Table

      • Improve Table fixed header's scrollbar style.#4637

      • Fix issue resulting in Table's header flashes when loading is true in Safari.#4622

      • Fix multiple border issues. #4647#4635

      • Fix showHeader's default value.#4658

      • Fix missing TableColumnConfig type.#4660

  • 2.6.3#


    • Fixed issue introduced in 2.6.2 that Popconfirm is not working. #4606

  • 2.6.2#


    • Added a Third-Party Library Page for recommending other greet react components. Link

    • Fixed misplaced Sider of Layout. #4459

    • Fixed Input.Search wrong block layout and misplaced icon. #4540

    • Added a customize Collapse panel demo. Link

    • Table

      • Enlarged the width of selection column and expand column.

      • Fixed not-available pagination issue when property pagination is changed. #4532

      • Fixed that three level filter menu is not working. #4541

      • Fixed column.filteredValue issue of cannot being set to null.

    • Now Carousel is undragglble and text-selectable defaultly.

    • Added warnings when non-BreadcrumbItem node is nested under Breadcrumb. #4403

    • Fixed Tooltip hidden issue when onVisibleChange(visible) return true. #4579

    • Make TreeSelect panel default height smaller than screen height. #4537

    • Added less variables of TimePicker and Spin.

    • Replaced arrows of DatePicker year panel by year text. #4415

    • Fixed TypeScript definites of AutoComplete and Form [options.validateTrigger].

    • Improved the animation details of Spin and Progress.

  • 2.6.1#


    • Fix style problem for Menu dark theme. #4440

    • Fix TypeScript interface definition for Select[tokenSeparators] Modal[afterClose] Input[name] and so on. #4441 @eddhannay

    • Fix that TimePicker[placeholder] cannot be set to empty string. #4446 @jialeicui

    • Fix style problem in DatePicker year panel. #4415

    • Fix that Table loading doesn't mask Pagination. #4461

    • Fix align style for Input[prefix|suffix]. commit

    • Fix align style for Cascader. commit

  • 2.6.0#


    • Brand new color system. pull/4426

      • Brand new color algorithm replacing the tint/shade system.

      • Brand new color palattes generated by new algorithm. Link

      • Change default font color.

    • Add Layout component. #3534

    • Add Grid playground demo. commit/ee17ab

    • Input

    • Spin support delayed display. #4306

    • Fix the dislocation problem of Pagination in low resolution. #4349

    • Fix wrapping display of Dropdown.Button. pull/4355 @Morhaus

    • Fix wrong background color of Cascader in disabled status. #4434

    • Fix MonthPicker[monthcellcontentrender] doesn't work, and some documentation errors. #4394

    • Fix the extra border of ButtonGroup. #4382 @ystarlongzi

    • Fix wrong background color of the Submenu(horizontal mode). #4414

    • Fix overlapping graphics with Select/Cascader in Form.Item with hasFeedback. #4431 @JesperWe

    • Reset border-radius of the first row in Table without header. #4373

    • Improve the drag performance of Tree. #4371

    • Improve official website and documentation, fix some bugs.

    • Update rc-form to support nested style of getFieldDecorator[id].

  • 2.5.3#

    2016-12-24 🎄🎄🎄

    • Supports TypeScript@2.1. #4208

    • Fix style issue resulting in nested Tabs. #4317

    • Fix onChange callback issue resulting in Radio. #4242 @ystarlongzi

    • Fix a FormItem mis-aligin bug. #4271

    • Fix background issue resulting in selected element of veritcal Menu.#4253

    • Improve arguments type of onVisibleChange callback of Dropdown.#4236 @bang88

    • Improve first argument type of onChange callback of Cascader.#4231 @bang88

    • Improve default width of Datepicker[showtime]. b912f1c

  • 2.5.2#


    • Improve selected item style of Menu.

    • Fix issue resulting in Mention not responses onFocus and onBlur. #4163

    • Fix issue resulting in there is a redundant shadow between disabled and checked Radio. #4114 @jdz321

    • Fix error when setting Momment defaultValue or value on RangePicker, TimePicker, Calendar. #4147

    • Fix issue resulting in Affix disappears when it's uesed in animated Tabs. #3943

    • Fix issue resulting in Cascader passes different selectedOptions to onChange when manually selecting and selecting by search. #4096

    • Fix issue resulting in Tabs get offset, when too many tabs are opening. #3637

    • Table

      • Align text of grouped parent header to center.

      • Fix issue resulting in filterDropdownVisible can't be set correctly. #4162

  • 2.5.1#


    • Improve website experience on mobile devices.

    • Add some migrate warnings for 1.x to 2.x.

    • ToolTip, Popover, Popconfirm support to wrap text node and multiple node directly now. #3924

    • Anchor

      • Fix current position bug when scroll fastly. #4053

      • Fix a bug of parent component ref node is undefined. #4037

    • Table

      • Fix a selection problem when setting defaultChecked in rowSelection. #4020

      • Fix grouping column title cannot work with filters. #4099

    • Fix a misplace bug when using Popover over Input[type="textarea"]. #4092

    • Fix Popconfirm visible is not-working problem. #4068

    • Fix TimePicker can not override width by style.width.

    • Unify Steps icon size. #3817

    • Fix style details of Form, Button, Slider, Table.

  • 2.5.0#


    • Change the default theme to Alipay style and improve lots of style details.

    • Supports server-side rendering. (Mention will throw warning for draft-js' issue)

    • Introduce Jest Snapshot to test the structure of components and SSR issues.

    • Improve official website and documentation.

    • Add document for customizing theme.

    • Add Sketch template files.

    • LocaleProvider supports Brazilian. #4004 @nathantn

    • DatePicker

      • DatePicker can determine whether to show "Today" button. commit

      • RangePicker can set presetted ranges. demo

      • Fix "Now" button doesn't work while DatePicker[showTime] is set. #3748

      • Fix RangePicker[format] should work. #3808

    • Add and update some icons. #3977

    • New component Input.Search. demo

    • Mention onSelect event will get complete record. #3867

    • Pagination can get current range. demo

    • Table

      • We can control the visible of customized filterDropdown. demo

      • Supports JSX-style columns. demo

      • Can listen the click event of table cell. #3774

      • Fix border radius of head of border-less table.

      • Fix that height of title and footer don't follow Table[size]. commit

      • Fix issue with selected status. #3900

    • Upload

      • Fix that children could not be null.

      • Fix logic of preview. commit

    • Fix z-index of Badge. #3898

    • Fix alignment of multi-line Checkbox. #3971 @flashback313

    • Fix alignment of InputNumber while using with other form controls. #3866(comment)

    • Fix style of Menu.Divider. #3813

    • Fix that Popover should support Checkbox and Radio as children. #3455

    • Fix height of Select[combobox]. #3855

    • Fix style of actived Switch. #3838

    • Fix that Transfer doesn't show "Not Found" while there is no search result. #3996

    • Fix style of placeholder of TreeSelect. #3841

    • Fix compile errors in TypeScript. #3969 @AlbertZheng

    • Fix that feedback icon should not affect users' operation. #3891

  • 2.4.3#


    • Fix errors in Anchor about querySelector, and make some experience Optimization .#3832 #3844

  • 2.4.2#


    • Fix Dropdown.Button cannot popup menu.#3815

  • 2.4.1#


    • Fix 2.4.0 missing index files.

  • 2.4.0#


    • Adjust components structure.

    • New Anchor Component.

    • Fix less variables @font-size-base and @text-color, add @font-size-lg @text-color-secondary.

    • Add new props selectedKeys for Transfer component [#3729]. (

    • Add Tag selected status.

    • Fix Dropdown.Button not support visible and onVisibleChange. #3779

    • Fix Now button of DatePicker[showTime]. #3748

    • Fix style of Steps in vertical mode. #3760

    • Fix style compatibility of Spin in IE10+.#3755

    • Fix default style of Carousel component.

    • Fix focus logic of Mention component. #3801

    • Fix animate bug of Progress component. #3784

    • Fix focus bug of Select component. #3778

    • Fix TimePicker not support format="HH" bug. #3793

    • Fix Input suffix mouse event responsive area. #3714

    • Improve performance of Table selection. #3757

    • Improve Carousel default UI style.

    • Improve style of Checkbox and Radio. #3590

    • Fix style of DatePickek, Form, Table.

  • 2.3.2#


    • Fix dead loop while using getFieldProps.

  • 2.3.1#


    • Add missing dist/antd.css back.

  • 2.3.0#


    • Upgrade normalize.css to 5.0.

    • Point main file to lib/index.js in package.json. #3397

    • A brand new Spin design.

    • Add addon for TimePicker to allow render some addon to its bottom.

    • Add onDragEnd for Tree.

    • Add bordered for Collapse.

    • Improve Tabs switch animation.

    • Improve Radio and Checkbox style when it's disabled and mouse hovered. #3590

    • Optimize Transfer performance.#2860

    • Fix nested Popover style issue. #3448

    • Fix issue resulting in server side render Transfer failed. #3686

    • Fix issue resulting in preview image not display when Upload in picture-card mode. #3706 @denzw

    • DatePicker

      • onChange will be triggered when DatePicker in showTime mode on blur now.

      • Add monthCellContentRender for MonthPicker.

      • Rangepicker can input time manually now.#3718

      • Add czech locale/translations.

    • Badge

      • Improve number over 99 displaying when mouse hovering. #3645

      • Fix moving animation when using Badge alone. #3709

    • Mention

      • Fix issue resulting in Mention will be covered by Table. #3588

      • Add getSuggestionContainer to allow specify container. #3658

    • Tag

    • Radio.Group

      • Add className.

      • null or undefined children will be ignored.

    • Select

      • Add tokenSeparators to support automatic tokenization. #2071

      • Add onFocus callback. #3587

      • Fix issue resulting in Select can't display correct selected item text in combobox mode. #3401

  • 2.2.1#


    • Fix controlled DatePicker[showtime] not working bug. #3665

  • 2.2.0#


    • Supports TypeScript@2.0. @AlbertZheng #3358

    • Not rely on specific version of React now. #3627

    • Alert supports className style.

    • DatePicker & MonthPicker & RangePicker allow developers to set whether to show the clear button. #3618

    • Form.Item can generate validateStatus & help for nested form control automatically. #3212

    • RangePicker can set some hours or minutes or seconds to be not selectable. #

    • Switch

      • The width of Switch will resize automatically, according to checkedChildren/unCheckedChildren. #3380

      • Improve the switch animation.

    • Upload can customized request now. @edgji

    • Icon

      • New icons bulb select like-o dislike-o.

      • Adjust existing icons loading like dislike.

    • Improve the TypeScript definition of Card & DatePicker & Icon & Table. @infeng 3468 #3603 #3531

    • Fix Cascader defaultValue should work. #3470

    • Fix the alignment of Button & Input & DatePicker & Select. #3481

    • DatePicker

      • Fix wrong timing of triggering onChange while DatePicker[showTime] is set. #3523

    • Fix Dropdown.Button[disabled] doesn't works for behaviour. #3535

    • Menu

    • Fix loading status animation for message.#3536

    • Form

      • Fix style issue while using Form[inline] and Input[addonBefore|addonAfter] together. #3524

      • Fix style issue for Radio.Button in Form.Item.

      • Fix style issue for search button in Form.Item. #3630

      • Fix Form.Item should not treat no user input as validate success. #3613

    • Should not limit the min width of Popover while Popover[title] is not set.

    • Table

      • Fix style of fixed header of Table while dataSource is empty.#3567

      • Fix Table will overlap SubMenu while dataSource is empty. #3521

    • Tabs

      • Height of header of Tabs[type="card|editable-card"] should follow design.

      • Fix height of TabPane should follow height of its content. #3304

    • Fix style of TreeSelect[showSearch]. #3520

  • 2.1.0#


    • Supports spinning Icon.

    • Tabs's switch animation could be disabled now. #3324

    • Add Spanish localization for LocaleProvider. @Danjavia

    • Update Russian localization for LocaleProvider. @plandem

    • Add onSelect event for AutoComplete.

    • Improve style of Modal.

    • Improve animation of Tooltip.

    • Improve style of Transfer's buttons.

    • Improve style of Tree.

    • Fix some less variables.

    • Fix errors while import the whole antd in SSR.

    • Fix errors while render Affix and BackTop on server. #3283 #3343

    • Fix conflicts between Cascader search mode and browser's autocomplete behaviour. #3350

    • Fix bug that h3 cannot be the value of Card[title]. #3388

    • DatePicker

      • Fix bug that onChange will be trigger twice when showTime is set. #3376

      • Fix differences between overlay's and trigger's date format. #3405 #3298

      • Fix style conflicts with TimePicker. #3312 #3307

    • Fix overflow issue for Form.Item label.

    • Fix that Icon should not show border in Safari.

    • Fix infinite loop while inc/dec InputNubmer with keyboard. #3239

    • Fix the style of the arrow of Popover.

    • Fix bug Popover and Popconfirm arrowPointAtCenter doesn't work.

    • Select

      • Fix bug that styles of Select are imported twice. #3332

      • Fix bug notFoundContent cannot be set as ''. #3345

      • Fix the unstable width of table cell with Select[showsearch]. #3413

    • Fix style conflicts while use border & title & footer of Table at the same time. #3301

    • Fix that the height of TabPane doesn't follow height of content. #3377

    • Fix bug Transfer[titles] is not under the control of LocaleProvider. #3264

    • Upload

      • Fix bug users' onRemove will override default behaviour. #3317

      • Fix style for listType='picture-card'.#3316

    • Fix bug that moment locales is not found while built. #3204 #3411

  • 2.0.1#


    • Fix developers cannot call methods of react-slick. #3164

    • Fix Steps.Step[icon] should support React.ReactNode. #3159

    • Fix server-side render for Affix. #3216

    • Fix Mention should support onSelect placeholder. #3236 #3226

    • Fix Transfer cannot work with getFieldDecorator.

    • Fix LocaleProvider doesn't work for time-related components.

    • Fix Cascader doesn't show search text in search mode.

    • Fix the animation & text Spin should be placed in vertical middle.

    • Fix styles of RangePicker Modal Tag Progress.

  • 2.0.0#


    After four months, antd@2.0.0 is published. We had refactored code and improve functionalities and details of existing components. What's more, we provide English version of the documentation. The antd community help us a lot in developing antd@2.0.0.

    If you meet any problem while you try to upgrade from antd@1.0.0, feel free to create issues on GitHub.

    2.x Major changes#

    • Refactor components with TypeScript, and provide .d.ts files which are officially supported. Thanks to all the developers that contributed to #1846 and @infeng.

    • Translate the documentation into English, and we are going to provide both of Chinese and English versions of the documentation in the future. Thanks to all the translators and reviewers that contributed to #1471.

    • DatePicker, TimePicker, Calendar and other components that are designed to select time are refactored to replace gregorian-calendar with moment.

    • All the icons are re-designed.

    • New component Mention.

    • New component AutoComplete.

    • The getFieldProps of Form is replaced with getFieldDecorator which will warn developers if they make mistakes. Related discussion #1533.

    • Table supports grouping columns. @yesmeck

    • Removed components and features which are deprecated in antd@1.x, such as QueueAnim, Validation, Form.ValueMixin, Progress.Line, Progress.Circle, Popover[overlay] and Slider[marks] will not support array any more.

    2.x Breaking changes#

    We suggest you upgrade to lastest version of 2.x.

    There are some breaking changes in antd@2.0.0, and you need to modify your code to work with it.

    • value and defaultValue of all the time-related components will not support type String/Date, please use moment:

      - <TimePicker defaultValue="12:08:23" />
      + <TimePicker defaultValue={moment('12:08:23', 'HH:mm:ss')} />
      - <DatePicker defaultValue="2015/01/01" />
      + <DatePicker defaultValue={moment('2015/01/01', 'YYYY/MM/DD')} />
      - <Calendar defaultValue={new Date('2010-10-10')} />
      + <Calendar defaultValue={moment('2010-10-10', 'YYYY-MM-DD')} />
    • Parameters of type Date/GregorianCalendar of functions such as onChange and onPanelChange, plus other callback functions had been changed to type moment. Please consult APIs of gregorian-calendar and APIs of moment, and update your code accordingly. And you can consult this commit to see how to update.

      Because the return value of JSON.stringy(date: moment) will lost time zone, we should use .format to convert date to string first, see related issue #3082 for details:

      handleSubmit() {
        const values = this.props.form.getFieldsValue(); ='YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss'); // or other format
        const data = JSON.stringify(values);
        // send data to server
    • For the value of time-related components becomes an instance of moment, you should replace type: 'date' with type: 'object' in form validation.

    • The format of time-related components is changed from gregorian-calendar-format to moment format now, for instance the format yyyy-MM-dd should change to YYYY-MM-DD.

    • linkRender and nameRender of Breadcrumb are removed, please use itemRender.

    • onClose and onOpen of Menu are removed, please use onOpenChange. As being totally different, please check this demo first.

    • Paging columns of Table were removed, please use fixed columns.

    • Popover[overlay] is removed, please use Popover[content] instead.

    The following change will throw some warnings in the console and it will still work, but we recommend to update your code.

    • getFieldProps of Form is deprecated, please use getFieldDecorator:

      -  <Input placeholder="text" {...getFieldProps('userName', { ... })} />
      +  {getFieldDecorator('userName', { ... })(
      +    <Input placeholder="text" />
      +  )}

      Look up to #1533 for related discussion.

    • toggleOpen of DatePicker is deprecated, please use onOpenChange:

      - handleToggleOpen({ open }) {
      + handleOpenChange(open) {

    2.x Bug fixes#

    • Dropdown.Button[disabled] should work. #3070

    • option.withRef of Form.create should work. #2843

    • Fix slow response of expanding sub menu in Menu[inline] mode. #2701

    • The button of Modal.confirm(and so on) should not be clickable while it is closed asynchronously. #2684

    • format of DatePicker[showtime] should work. #3123

    • Fix Table[datasource] treat key whose value is 0 as inexisting. #3166 @noonnightstorm

    • Tree.Node should not show arrow if it has no child nodes. #2616

    • Fix cursor style of arrows that are hidden of Tree.Node. #2748

    2.x Other improvements#

    2.x Workflow#

    • AntD Library a collection of Axure files which includes components and patterns that follow Ant Design Specification.

    • Rename babel-plugin-antd to babel-plugin-import, and this means that babel-plugin-import becomes an common load-on-demand solution and not just for antd.

      Please update package.json:

        "devDependencies": {
      -   "babel-plugin-antd": "^0.x.x",
      +   "babel-plugin-import": "^1.0.0",

      And update your babel config in .babelrc or other place:

      -  "plugins": [["antd", { style: "css" }]]
      +  "plugins": [["import", { libraryName: "antd", style: "css" }]]
    • dva@1.0.0 is published and it is officially recommended framework in real world.

    • The officially recommended scaffold is dva-cli now, the old antd-init is just for studying and demo.

  • 1.11.4#

    Visit GitHub to read change logs from 0.x to 1.x.