ConfigProvider provides a uniform configuration support for components.


This component provides a configuration to all React components underneath itself via the context API, In the render tree all components will have access to the provided config.

import { ConfigProvider } from 'antd';

// ...

return (
  <ConfigProvider {...yourConfig}>
    <App />

Content Security Policy#

Some component use dynamic style to support wave effect. You can config csp prop if Content Security Policy (CSP) is enabled:

<ConfigProvider csp={{ nonce: 'YourNonceCode' }}>
  <Button>My Button</Button>


autoInsertSpaceInButtonSet false to remove space between 2 chinese characters on Buttonbooleantrue
cspSet Content Security Policy config{ nonce: string }-
renderEmptyset empty content of components. Ref EmptyFunction(componentName: string): ReactNode-
getPopupContainerto set the container of the popup element. The default is to create a div element in body.Function(triggerNode)() => document.body
prefixClsset prefix classstringant